Laser Hair Removal

How does smartdiode work?

Utilising the latest evolution in Laser SMARTDiode technologies – SMARTDiode is the latest method for the removal of unwanted hair, superfast, safe and pain free!

A SMARTDiode treatment uses selected wavelengths of low energy light rapidly pulsed onto the skin (180 times a minute) to gently heat the target hair follicles to cause terminal damage directly to the hair’s chromophores and prevent hair regrowth. Endorsed by leading medical experts the SMARTDiode is safe and highly effective in the treatment of permanent hair reduction.


How long does a treatment take?

Using revolutionary ‘slide & glide’ delivery a SMARTDiode treatment is completed in minutes. The treatment applicator is swept back and forth repeatedly across the designated area whilst rapid pulses of low energy light are pulsed into the skin ensuring full coverage and effective treatment.

Who is it suitable for?

A SMARTDiode treatment can be performed on all skin types. The SMARTDiode technology of low energy pulses allows for the successful treatment in both dark and fair skin types alike, even tanned skin. Suitable for both women and men, SMARTDiode is the answer!

Does it hurt?

Unlike traditional laser or IPL, using high energy levels that may cause discomfort and pain, a SMARTDiode treatment is gentle and comfortable, resulting in a pleasant warming of the skin. Active skin cooling through the applicator ensures complete comfort even in the most sensitive areas.

How many treatments will I need?

Each SMARTDiode treatment effects approximately 30% of the hair within the target area. We recommend a minimum of 6 treatments, with some hair types requiring more. The average for a successful program is 8 treatments.


How to get started

Book a FREE Consultation and test treatment with our SMARTDiode certified specialists.

Have the procedure explained to you in detail and agree the best treatment plan for you.

top lip, chin, cheek (5cm²)
bikini, underarms, half face (50cm²)
Brazilian, arms, half leg, full face (100cm²)
full leg, back, chest and abs, hollywood
Combination Packages 
Full Face
Full Beard
Lip, Chin & Cheeks
1/2 Leg & Bikini
1/2 Leg, Bikini & Underarm
Full leg & Bikini Line
Full leg, Bikini & Underarm
Full leg & Hollywood
Full leg, Hollywood & Underarm
Back & Chest