Body Treatments

Contours Quickslim Body Wrap

Kick start your healthy eating and lifestyle routine.

Using a thermal, detoxifying and exfoliating gel to help eliminate toxins and excess fluid, plus firm and tone loose tissue.

Great before, during or after dieting.

Add a facial to your Quickslim Body Wrap: Have an Essential Facial whilst in your body wrap.

Full Body£86.00
Half Body £61.00
Essential Facial£46.00
Scalp Massage added to any treatment.Extra £15.00

Scrub & Light Massage

We exfoliate the whole body leaving it soft and ready to absorb moisture from a light massage using an appropriate medium for your skin type.

An excellent treatment before a spray tan, a wedding or special occasion. Especially good before or after a holiday helping to maintain your holiday tan.

Body Scrub and Massage£51.00
Scalp Massage added to any treatment.Extra £15.00

Back Treatment

A facial for the back! We cleanse, exfoliate and remove blackheads from your back before applying a mask and moisturising.

This treatment is good for spotty backs, after the long winter months covered up or if you are going to wear a low cut back dress.

Back Treatment£41.00



Power Facial & Back Treatment

Deep Cleansing treatment to unclog pores, soothe sensitivity and hydrate skin. This includes a cleanse & exfoliating back treatment to help with black heads/spots and dryness. 




Aromatherapy MASSAGE

A massage using a selection of natural essential oils chosen for their unique health-improving properties aromatherapy.

After a consultation essential oils are selected according to your needs and likes. We can treat the whole body, head and face during an hour’s treatment.

Or you can select a part body treatment which would give you a nice relaxing massage.

Full Body Massage£58.00
Back Massage£43.00

Swedish Massage

A massage adapted specially for your individual needs.

This relaxing massage, eases muscle tension, stimulates your blood flow and aids the removal of waste products. This massage can be adapted to your special needs. Extra good for people who run long distances or work out as specific areas can be concentrated on to remove lactic acid from your muscles.

A deep or light massage, you let us know what you want.

Full Body £46.00
1/2 Body Massage
(Back, neck, shoulders and backs of legs)
Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage£35.00

Hot Lava Shell Massage

Experience a warm, soothing and relaxing massage.

We use warmed marine polished sea shells, the radiating heat from the shells releases tension as they glide over the skin leaving you feeling stress free and rejuvenated.

A truly wonderful experience not to be missed.

Full Body£69.00
Back Massage£49.00

Hot Stone Massage

Total indulgence! Stone-shaped Basalt (volcanic) rock is heated and applied to the body. This powerful stone massage is carried out using aromatic oils and is especially good for muscular tension, promoting a harmonising and cleansing effect.

It is a lovely treatment to have if the weather is cold, leaving you with a warm glow and deep relaxation. Good at any time as the warm massage penetrates deep into the muscles.

Full Body Massage £69.00
Back Massage£49.00



Bamboo is a giant grass that originated from Asia, South America and Africa. 

A massage that delivers stress relief, muscle strengthening, lymphatic drainage and reactivates the circulation. Overall flexibility, balance and inner wellbeing is improved and specific reflexology points are activated.

Full Body Massage £68.00


Indian Head Massage

Relieve stress and feel energised and revitalised.

A very relaxing, deep massage to upper back, neck, scalp and face, which is customised with aromatherapy oils.

Indian Head Massage£38.00

Audio Sonic Massage

An extra treatment for muscle tension. The audio sonic massage offers a sound wave treatment that penetrates deep into the muscle fibres.

It is especially good around the neck and shoulders to treat stiffness and tension.

It can only be used in addition to a manual massage.

10 minutes£15.00

Add a Scalp Massage

A scalp massage can be added to any of our massage treatments.

Scalp Massage£15.00

Alternative Therapies


A complementary therapy for deep relaxation
Reflexology offers pressure-point massage on the feet, it can help a wide range of health problems, stress and tension by stimulating the natural healing powers of your own body and removing toxins.

To treat deep rooted problems a course of 6 weekly treatments may be recommended.


Hopi Ear Candles

A very successful treatment for a variety of ear problems. Ear candling gives a vibrating and light suction action which creates a balance of pressure in the ears.

It generates a massage like effect on the eardrum, it is soothing and helpful to the sinuses, eases earache and ear noises and helps headache sufferers.

Hopi Ear Candle£35.00



A variety of 9ct gold and white gold earrings are available.

Contours is a Health Authority approved ear piercing salon.

9ct gold earrings in a choice of stones and home care lotion are included£38.00
Cartilage Piercing £32.00
Nose Piercing£32.00