Nail Treatments

OPI Nail Treatments

Natural Nail Care

We stock a wide range of OPI nail lacquers, Nail Envy, foot rasps, hand and foot creams and exfoliators. And many more products, for both hands and feet, are available for you to purchase from the salon, for home care.

NexGen Nails

Nexgen offers a more hardwearing effect to the nail. 

Over Natural Nails £37.50

Deluxe Manicure by OPI

The ultimate manicure. A complete skin conditioning luxury treatment for your hands. We exfoliate, revitalise, renew, protect, shape and varnish.

This is a great treatment to prevent and treat age spots.

Deluxe Manicure£36.00

OPI Spa Manicure

Enjoy a manicure. Our standard manicure has a relaxing hand and arm massage to hydrate the skin, a cuticle treatment, nail shape and varnish.

OPI Spa Manicure £32.00

Deluxe Pedicure by OPI

The ultimate pedicure experience. This pedicure uses a callus reducing treatment, with a hydrating mask and skin smoother, in addition to our regular pedicure. A good treatment for very dry feet.

Don’t forget to bring your sandals if you want your nails varnished.

Deluxe Pedicure by OPI£42.00

OPI Essential Pedicure

We use a soothing soak then trim nails, exfoliate and treat cuticles before performing a relaxing leg and foot massage, followed by polish of your choice.

Don’t forget to bring your sandals if you want your nails varnished.

Complementary polish of your choice!

OPI Essential Pedicure£35.00

Paraffin Wax

An extra treatment for skin softening. A paraffin wax treatment can be added to your Spa Manicure or Essential Pedicure. It is good for dry skin and can help alleviate the pain of rheumatism or arthritis.

Paraffin Wax £22.00

Gel Colour by OPI

The gel system from OPI offers a fast application, instant drying and a gel that can last up to 2 to 3 weeks.

The 100% colour gel formula wears like a gel, looks and feels like a nail lacquer.

Gel Manicure£36.00
Gel Pedicure£42.00
French SetExtra £5.00
Removal of Gels£18.50
Soak off if reapplying £8.00